Kinkell Byre Floor Plan

How the space can work for you

Floor plan

Kinkell Byre has 4 areas that can be used to suit your event, areas 5 and 6 are generally used for catering and storage.

Below we have explained what each area is typically used for and the dimensions of each area. This should not be taken as a set format you are of course free to decide exactly how you would like to use the space.

Area 1

(Approx. 31 m x 14 m (434 m²) Approx. 4,500 sq. ft)

This wooden floor area, for most events provides plenty of space for tables, chairs and dancing without any need for re-setting.

The space allows for flexibility to choose table sizes shapes and layouts to suit your theme/decor.

Area 2

(Approx 14.5 m x 10.5 m (152.5 m2 ) 1,600 sq ft)

This area is the most popular for wedding ceremonies using the same chairs as for dining, and again with flexibility as to layout seating up to 200. Alternatively it can be used as a second area for tables & chairs seating around 150 which combined with Area 1 would allow room for a total of 350-450 depending on required dance floor area.

Another option may be to use this area to set out a buffet.

Area 3

(Approx 41 m x 5.5 m (225.5 m2 )  2,400 sq ft)

Mainly used for the drinks reception and bar – the curtains between this area and Area 1 being kept closed often before dining and then being opened to give the impression that Area 1 and 3 are all one.

Area 4

(Approx. 23.5 m x 6 m (141 m2 ) 1500 sq ft)

Often used as an entrance area, but can also be used as a ceremony area for up to 130. Also additional reception space for serving drinks on arrival.

Good indoor space for photographs if needed.

Area 5 & 6

This area is is typically used by the Catering team.

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