Magical Winter Weddings at the Versatile Kinkell Byre

Why you should have a Scottish Wedding in Winter

Summer is not your only option when it comes to wedding dates! And lets face it… it rains more than the sun shines here in Scotland, and it can actually be more common to get a picture perfect day in the colder months!

Why You Should Get Married in Winter

  1. Create a more unique & memorable wedding day

    Family and friends will be used to going to summer weddings so not only will it be a nice change to celebrate in the winter months, but it’s sure to be more memorable. The atmosphere and style is very different in at our St Andrews venue in Winter; the glittering snow creates a hush across the landscape. A winter wedding will even affect how the bridal party is dressed, with some brides opting for a faux fur wrap to keep off the chill in luxurious style.

  2. An opportunity for elegant and timeless winter décor

    The darker days open up endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your wedding venue.

    One of the most popular features at Kinkell is the lighting and how it compliments the rustic features of the barn. Warm lighting creates a wonderfully romantic atmosphere and is most effective when it’s darker. There’s so much that can be done with lighting – outside you can have the barn lit up from all angles, and we can string lights up on the trees, creating a dramatic and memorable look for your guests arrival; this can only really be achieved to maximum effect in Winter. If the skies are clear, you should even be able to see the lights of St. Andrews in the distance.

  3. Candles, candles and more candles!

    They’re a classic for a reason; nothing creates that romantic ambience quite like candles.

    In Winter, candles can be used as simple but elegant decór along the aisle for your ceremony, or placed strategically about the room to add a soft glow. Our recommended suppliers have a range of candle holders and candles available for hire for your event. Through the Looking Glass rents out wedding venue decor to St Andrews venues, including elegant white wooden candlesticks with candles included. Covering the Dundee and Fife area (where we are!) Just Vintage Hire has a wider range of candlesticks and holders, and The Little White Cow in central Scotland has a different range again and additional candle size options.

    Candles can be included throughout your ceremony, becoming a beautiful wedding theme in themselves, for example, we often set up lots of candles along the trough in the dining area which makes the night all the more magical.

  4. Stunning midwinter wedding pictures

    Epic sunsets and views of snow-covered hills make Kinkell Byre the perfect setting for a winter wedding. If the stars align and you get snow for your big day, we have a lot of options for unique photos on the grounds. Walk through our frosty secret garden, or stand on the skyline for a shot against the backdrop of the setting sun. You can see for miles around St Andrews, and with the rolling hills blanketed in snow, the happy couple will really stand out.

    Alternatively, if the weather is a little more exciteable… we have beautifully-lit sandstone walls indoors, so you don’t even need to go outside for photographs if you would prefer to stay in where it’s cosy. Sparklers are also a fun and unique way to get a magical group shot of you and all your guests.

  5. Warm your guests up with sumptuous food & drink

    One thing people tend to associate with winter is staying indoors and indulging in some hearty & hot comfort food. And everyone loves it. Pies, roasts, stews and casseroles are the perfect type of food to serve at a winter wedding and just what everyone needs on a cold day. Food options in summer tend to be a little lighter, but in the winter you don’t have to hold back!

    You could have hot chocolate and coffee available in mugs that fit in with your wedding theme. Or embrace the Christmas spirit and include some classic mulled wine on your tables. Your options are endless; just get in touch if you’d like some help with ideas!

    One thing we’re not short of in St Andrews are caterers making great use of locally-sourced food, so you can enjoy a genuinely Scottish feast. Take a look at the wedding caterers on our Suggested Wedding Suppliers list to see what strikes your fancy. One catering company in particular has all 5 star reviews on their Facebook page, and that’s St Andrews Event Catering. Established over 20 years ago by Liz Mudie, this cracking team will go above and beyond to create your perfect wedding menu, whether that’s made up of modern and artistic food, or something hearty and Scottish to heat you up!

  6. Friends & family should be around to help out

    Chances are high that more people will be available to help out with a winter wedding! Family and friends tend to take their holidays in the summer which means they should all be staying closer to home just around the time you need them most! There should be many hands on deck for picking up deliveries, meeting with vendors, and all the little things that need done in the run up to the wedding.

    As an added bonus, most people travel around Christmas time to be with their families, and your winter wedding can take advantage of this! With friends and family travelling anyway, they just have to alter their plans slightly to incorporate your wedding date, which means it should be pretty convenient for your guests to attend and travel home again

  7. Escape the cold with an exotic honeymoon

    Your honeymoon will give you the perfect excuse to jet off to sunnier climes, while everything slowly freezes back home. Leave the cold behind and head off somewhere hot to truly relax and unwind after all the wedding planning.

    Whilst a holiday somewhere hot in the summer is fantastic, there’s an extra element of satisfaction when you head off in the winter and leave the cold weather behind you!

  8. Save some money with your winter date

    There is an (often overlooked) financial benefit to choosing a winter wedding. Because it’s the more unique option, things are usually just less expensive! Wedding suppliers tend to be less busy in the winter thus a little bit cheaper, and this alone can save you thousands. And the venue fee itself is less than the summer months!

    With money saved in these areas, you could spend some more on other things like the wedding dress or venue decór to create the look you really want. We had one couple who squeezed in a photo booth at the last minute and it ended up being a big hit with the guests!


How a Winter Wedding at Kinkell Byre Works

The first question that is going to pop into your head when thinking about a winter wedding in a barn venue in Scotland is the temperature; “will it be warm inside Kinkell Byre?”

The Answer is YES! The venue is very well heated for just such an occasion. On your wedding day itself, we always ensure the temperature inside is warm and cosy well ahead of your guests arriving. Our roof even has extra insulation to help keep all that warm air inside, and we are always on hand to make sure each room stays at the perfect temperature throughout.

At Kinkell Byre, we have separate areas of the venue available for your use, which means we can craft your perfect wedding day completely inside if the weather is less than ideal. Your wedding would simply flow from one area to the next as the day moves on; moving from an intimate cermony space, to a much more open and vibrant dining area.


In the News…

Kinkell Byre has even made it onto some wedding publications for the beautiful couples who have had a winter wedding at our rustic venue in St Andrews. Take a look below for some Winter Wedding ideas & inspiration!


Posted: 12.01.18

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