Suggested Suppliers

A list of some recommended suppliers, but you are free to choose others you may know

Freedom of choice

At Kinkell Byre we like you to be free to choose whoever you would like to provide the services required to make your day perfect. We have listed here some suggested suppliers, who have worked here before, but you are not limited to using people we have listed. Equally we cannot possibly list everyone, therefore the fact that someone is not listed should not be taken as meaning that there is any particular reason for this.

In the case of lighting there is only one supplier listed and in this case we do ask that you use the company recommended, because this allows them to have a lot of equipment semi-permanently installed and therefore makes them able to provide a better value service. In addition they provide additional services in the planning and on the night which are not strictly lighting. There is also only one supplier listed for Bar Services, again, because this allows them to provide a very high standard of service and maintain very reasonable bar prices.

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