Real Wedding – Christina & Jordan Sammutt – 23rd June 2022

Back in June we had the amazing Chrissie & Jordan’s wedding at Kinkell! The byre was decorated with stunning summer colours and amazing decor. Chrissie & Jordan have been together since High School but known each other a lot longer that that and have decided to share their story with us!

How did you guys meet?

We met when we were 3 years old at nursery. However neither of us can remember this, we have just seen photographic evidence! After going to different primary schools, we were reunited at High School. It took until 4th year for us to be friends and then in 5th year, Jordan invited me round to ‘help with his homework’. It wasn’t long before we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

What first attracted you to Kinkell Byre? And what made you decide that it would be perfect for your special day?

We found Kinkell after searching for wedding venues in Fife. It was the first that came up and straight away from the pictures, I was able to envisage us getting married there.

We booked a show round, and instantly fell in love with the view. We then walked into the venue and knew it was perfect for us. The size of the place was ideal for our numbers and I liked how there were loads of different areas for guests. We only viewed one wedding venue because we did not see the point in searching for others when we knew that this was perfect.

I think it was a combination of everything, the kindness of the staff upon our arrival, the views, the lights, the set up! I cannot find one thing we didn’t like!!

Tell us a little bit about planning your wedding? What inspired you to pick all the things that you did and what was most important to you both?

Wedding planning was easy. I don’t know why people stress! Everything seemed to fall into place, all the suppliers were fantastic to work with so I think that played a huge part in it.

We booked all the big things by December 2020, and then decision making and plans were put in place a couple of months before the wedding. We picked all the things we did because they were hassle free, easy and allowed us to show ‘us’ as a couple.

The most important thing to us was that the food was good, there was plenty of alcohol and that the guests had a fantastic time. We treated our wedding as a big party and it definitely took the stress away.

What did you both enjoy planning?

I don’t even know if Jordan was aware that a wedding was being planned! He said he put the ring on my finger and the rest was up to me! I did enjoy the menu tasting and planning our meals and the drinks we would have. Overall I think I just enjoyed looking back at all the fun times Jordan and I have had over the last 11 years and how to incorporate that into our wedding.

Tell us about your day?

We had the best day. Despite a small hiccup with the potential of not having a celebrant, everything worked out well. We got married at 2pm after a wee hour delay. But that didn’t ruin the day! Everything was amazing, the guests enjoyed themselves, we all ate and drank and danced until the wee hours of the morning and everyone had a smile on their face! We were blessed with the weather. We had absolutely glorious sunshine which provided us with incredible sunset pictures.

What made it so special?

The fact we actually got married after all this time!! And the wonderful support we had from friends and family from the start, and that they were all able to be there and celebrate with us. After the small hiccup with the celebrant, Chrissie’s uncle ended up carrying out the ceremony, and it added the perfect, unexpected, personal touch to the day. Also, Chrissie’s brother played the fantastic role of MC. It allowed the speeches to be personal and it was a great way to get him to be part of the day!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Jordan’s favourite part of the day was seeing me walk down the aisle, and my favourite part of the day (although nerve-racking) was walking down the aisle to meet Jordan! Also just seeing all our friends and family together in the same place, enjoying themselves.

What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding?

Relax. Chill. It all falls into place. You end up not even caring about things that you were stressing about the week before. Take a step back and just take it all in, you’ve worked hard to plan a wedding, so appreciate the moment!!

How is married life treating you?

Fabulous. No change to the last 11 years!! We had an amazing honeymoon in Mexico, we are now able to speak about other things non wedding related and we have booked a few more holidays!

Supplier shout outs 

PhotographerFraser Young
Catering – Bespoke Catering
Bar- Event Bars St Andrews
Decor & Styling
Fife Ambience Venue Styling
Florist – Amy Annand Flowers
Newspapers – Sarah – Photo Press
Dress- Elganza Sposa 
RingLondon Diamonds
Kilt – The Wynd, Kirkcaldy
Lighting – Stephen Leslie – lighting hero
Evening food – Papa Johns
Band- Manhattan
Make up – Kirsty Suttie
Hair – Louise Peebles
2 nd PhotographerPatrick Alexander