Kinkell Experiences

Highland Cow Experience

We are delighted to bring back our Highland Cow Experience, where you will get to meet our beautiful gang and learn more about their role here at Kinkell!

Our experience is suitable for all ages, so bring your family and friends.

Meet our Highland Cows, £20 per person, kids under 18 go FREE. All proceeds go to our rewilding charity, Rewilding Kinkell, to support our work to increase biodiversity in Scotland.

To make a booking and for more information please contact jenny@kinkell.com Please try to book a few days in advance.

There is currently availability to join one of our groups and meet the Highland Cows on:

  • Wednesday 22nd May 5pm
  • Sunday 26th May 1pm
  • Wednesday 29th May 5pm – fully booked
  • Wednesday 5th June 5pm
  • Sunday 9th June 1pm
  • Wednesday 12th June 5pm
  • Wednesday 19th June 5pm
  • Monday 24th June 1pm

Please note that the experience will only be available on days when there are no weddings taking place

We look forward to meeting you!

Our highland cows are working hard at the moment, grazing our fields to maximise the benefits for biodiversity. Our cows decide for themselves where to graze, thereby creating a mosaic of different vegetation heights and micro-habitats.

Lying and rolling helps increase structural diversity, which can be important for ground-nesting birds. Trampling creates areas of bare ground, producing nurseries for seedlings, and dung generates an ecosystem in its own right.

This type of low intensity conservation grazing has been shown to be critical for encouraging nature to thrive.

Tree Planting Experience

Plant a tree at Kinkell to commemorate a special occasion or wedding anniversary. 

Help support our efforts to rewild Kinkell and increase Scottish biodiversity.

Come to Kinkell and, with the help of our rewilding officer, Jenny, plant a native tree in our very special location. 

There is a fee for tree planting of £150 plus the cost of the tree itself. All proceeds go to our rewilding charity, Rewilding Kinkell, to support our work to increase biodiversity in Scotland. 

If you want to bring your own tree, we would require that it is a native tree to adhere with our rewilding principles. We would recommend planting Oak, Rowan, Silver Birch or Hawthorn trees. We can also supply the tree ourselves and can add the cost to the fee. We already have stakes and guards onsite for protecting the tree.

Please contact jenny@kinkell.com for further information and to make all the arrangements.