Recommended Suppliers at Kinkell Byre

Bringing your event to life

Choosing Kinkell Byre for your wedding means you can build your day around suppliers you love. The DIY approach is so flexible it means each and every wedding is so different!

We have a wide selection of suppliers we have worked with a lot over the years, split into different categories in the links below

Event Bars St Andrews are an external contractor who work every event with us. They come with a fully stocked rustic wooden bar, ice and glassware for bar drinks and staff to serve your guests from the start of the day until the drinks licence ends at 1am. If you have over 100 day guests, Event Bars comes included for free. If you have under 100 day guests, there is a staffing and set up fee, paid directly to Event Bars.

Apart from Event Bars, you can have any supplier you like. Just make sure they have the right insurances, their equipment is PAT tested and they comply with our Code of Conduct.

Our Preferred Suppliers


Stephen Leslie
07967 581784


Brian Scott Tel: 07803 034764
Ross Methven Tel: 07763 878044

Our Recommended Suppliers

We have listed here some suggested suppliers, who have worked here before, but you are not limited to using people we have listed. Equally we cannot possibly list everyone, therefore the fact that someone is not listed should not be taken as meaning that there is any particular reason for this.




Cater Hire & Linen


Celebrants & Registrars



Decor & Venue Dressing


Kids Entertainment


Day Music

Photographer & Video


These suppliers are those we have previously hosted at Kinkell Byre. We make no representations, warranties, or guarantees about their availability, price range, or performance of their services. The Business is not liable for any failures, breaches, or other such damages or injury caused by any of these suppliers.