The Kinkell Team

Find out a little bit about our dedicated team.

Sandy Fyfe Kinkell Byre

Sandy Fyfe

Sandy Fyfe moved to Kinkell when it was still a working farm back in 1993.

In 2003, after trying his hand at everything from cattle and pheasant farming to off-road driving and highland games, Sandy settled on the idea of converting one of the largest old farm steadings in Fife into a wedding and events venue.

The first step was putting a dancefloor into the old Byre (cattle shed) and, since then, Sandy has gradually developed the venue, adding a toilet block, repairing rooves, installing glass doors to create one of the most impressive and versatile barn venues in Scotland.

Since 2005, Sandy has grown the corporate, weddings and student events business and Kinkell now has over 80 events and corporate activities every year. Sandy still plays a critical role overseeing events, ensuring that everyone’s day runs smoothly.

Rory Fyfe Kinkell Byre

Rory Fyfe

Rory Fyfe moved to Kinkell with his parents at the age of 14.

He worked on the pheasant farm and remembers Kinkell Byre when it was full of calving cows rather than partying wedding guests.

Rory has been involved in the events business from afar since 2011, when he moved to Qatar, helping out with strategy and marketing.

He has recently returned from working overseas to help run new ideas at Kinkell Byre. Rory provides oversight, vision and strategy for Kinkell as well as initiating new projects, such as the 10 new onsite cabins launching in 2022 and the rewilding project.

Brian Scott Kinkell Byre

Brian Scott

Brian Scott has worked at Kinkell for 25 years, initially as the leading member of the team that ran the pheasant farm, then helping out with all kinds of corporate activities from highland games to clay pigeon shooting, quad biking and off-road driving.

In 2012, Brian started up a new bar business, Event Bars, which does a superb job of making sure the bars run smoothly at Kinkell events.

Brian also continues to work at Kinkell as the farm manager and helps look after the venue.

Claire Grant Kinkell Byre

Claire Grant

Claire is our Byre Manager. She has experience in management and loves to travel, after spending 3 years in Australia & New Zealand!

Claire works on the daily running and organising of all events at Kinkell & also assists the running of the business. Her number one priority is making sure our customers, team and suppliers are happy.

Sophie Simpson Kinkell Byre

Sophie Simpson

Sophie is our Byre Co-ordinator who started at Kinkell back in April 2019 after graduating with a degree in Events Management.

Sophie works at almost all events at Kinkell to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Working alongside the team,  she works on the admin & marketing side of events and is responsible for Kinkell’s social media

Tegan Hancock Kinkell Byre

Tegan Hancock

Tegan is one of our Byre Assistants. She works during the evening of your wedding. Tegan ensures everything runs smoothly, packs up any decor, maintains the cleanliness of the Byre and the bathrooms and is on hand if you or any guests need anything until the very end of the night.

When she is not working in the Byre, she is looking after her beautiful wee boy Jensen!

Julia Carlton

Julia is one of our Byre Assistants. She works on wedding days to ensure the day runs smoothly and also assists in the office on daily admin tasks.

Before starting at Kinkell she travelled around South America for 6 months and occasionally enjoys a ski season in the winter!

Jenny Paterson

Jenny is our Rewilding Officer. She kicked off Rewilding Kinkell in 2022 and continues to develop the project by planting trees, bushes, wildflower meadows and setting up our polytunnel. She heads up the Rewilding Tours and the Meet & Greets with our 2 Highland Cows!

Fun fact about Jenny, she was born in the jungle in Borneo and lived there until she was 7!


Coco came to Kinkell in 2021 as our new Head of Conservation grazing.

Coco is responsible for looking after the land in a way that it will encourage ancient natural processes to take hold again, supporting our rewilding project and encouraging greater biodiversity.


Ginger came to Kinkell in 2021 as Assistant Conservation Grazer.

Ginger reports to Coco (the clue is in the coat) and works on breaking up the grass to encourage growth of more diverse plant life and carefully placing dung to encourage bugs, beetles and all sorts of wildlife.