Recommended Suppliers at Kinkell Byre

Bringing your event to life

While the venue is a blank canvas, to make the most of this, lighting is separate, which allows you to create the exact look and feel that you would like for your event. As a result, every event is unique. In order to provide lighting at the best value and professional standard we have a preferred supplier we ask you to use.

Other than Stephen Leslie of i-light and Event Bars St Andrews for the Bar, we also have a list of recommended suppliers.

These are suppliers who have worked at Kinkell Byre often over the years and we can confidently recommend them for your event.

Our Preferred Suppliers

Lighting, Sound & Technical Co-ordination

Stephen Leslie
07967 581784 or 01667 456111


Brian Scott Tel: 07803 034764
Ross Methven Tel: 07763 878044

Our Recommended Suppliers

We have listed here some suggested suppliers, who have worked here before, but you are not limited to using people we have listed. Equally we cannot possibly list everyone, therefore the fact that someone is not listed should not be taken as meaning that there is any particular reason for this.




Cater Hire & Linen


Humanist, Celebrants & Registrars



Decor & Venue Dressing



Day Music

Photographer & Video


Want to find out more?  Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss suppliers and recommendations.