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Planning a wedding during the last few years has been incredibly stressful for couples. The pandemic threw up many hurdles and many people have changed plans numerous times, with over 70% postponing their big day in light of Covid-19. Amongst all of this potential stress, it’s easy to lose sight of some other important wedding planning essentials. And recently, one of the key things to consider is the environmental impact of your wedding.

We hear more about how important it is to reduce our impact on the world around us. Weddings might not feel like the obvious place to start, but events do generate waste and have a huge environmental footprint. For eco-conscious couples, planning a sustainable wedding could be a top priority. Here, we look at some top tips for reducing waste on your special day.

Create your own decorations


The amount of stuff you can buy for your wedding is incredible. Even just considering decorations, the choices are endless – place settings, table plans, bunting, and more. A lot of these items are only used once – single-use materials are the epitome of today’s throwaway culture.

So why not make your own decorations with recycled materials? Bunting from old clothes, place names on carved wood and homegrown plants as table centrepieces are striking ways to decorate, and are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. This can also add to your personal touch around the byre.

If you’re not feeling that creative, consider hiring decorations rather than buying everything new. We have some amazing stylists on our recommended suppliers list who can help out!

(Iain Mcintosh Photography)


Think about the flowers you’re using


According to this sustainable wedding guide, exotic flowers are one of the worst offenders at weddings when it comes to having a negative impact on the environment. This is largely down to choosing flowers out of season from far away. You can immediately reduce this by working with a local florist and asking them where they source their flowers. You can then discuss with them what’ll be in season when your wedding is due to be held and plan accordingly.

(Photography by Emilie Gray)

Pre-order your food


Think carefully about how many meals (and courses) you’re providing your guests. Food waste is a surprisingly large impact from weddings, with 10% being thrown away. Always get your guests to pre-order what they want during the day and ask your venue what they tend to do with unused food. You could consider donating unused, unopened items.

You should also be careful with your wedding cake – a lot of wedding cakes are thrown away simply because they’re just too big. If you still want the impact of a large cake, many cake makers use false tiers to cut down on waste (and costs). Or, if you’re willing to go smaller, consider cupcakes or a one-tiered cake just for you.


(Brown Photography)

Considering scrapping the gift list


Historically couples were given many useful household items at their wedding as it would be the start of them living together. Nowadays, many people live together for years before a wedding, so this practice has become a bit outdated.

Think about what you really need or want from your guests. You could consider scrapping the idea of gifts altogether or if you have particularly persistent (and generous) guests, ask for experiences or potentially contributions to your honeymoon. Only create a list of items if there’s actually things you need.

Any efforts you make to reduce waste at your wedding should be applauded. With the right help and support, you can plan a sustainable wedding which only leaves behind happy memories.


“Kinkell Byre is an old farm and we are committed to using our land to do as much as possible for the environment and the local community. By rewilding, planting trees, creating wetlands and conservation grazing with our highland cows and ponies, we believe we can enrich our landscape, increase our local biodiversity, absorb more carbon and provide opportunities to the community for participation, education and the enjoyment of nature”
– Rory Fyfe



At Kinkell, we are committed to using our land to do as much as possible for the environment and the local community. Recently, we have introduced highland cows on the land as a way of conservation grazing and we have also planted trees to increase our local biodiversity and absorb more carbon. Another way that we can help become a more sustainable business is launching our Weddings for the Wild offering.

Weddings for the Wild is for those couples who want a to celebrate their big day but are also conscious on the impact that it has on the planet. The typical wedding ceremony generates tonnes of carbon dioxide in just one day! We are working with Scotland the Big Picture to find a solution to this and show you how you can have an eco friendly wedding.

This brochure, tells you how you can off set your wedding to reduce the carbon that is produced on the day.



For more information, contact us at info@kinkell.com or Katherine Tubb katherine@scotlandbigpicture.com







Happy December! We have finally entered Winter Barn Wedding month! What is so great about a barn wedding is you can style it how you like, but where do you start with a Winter themed wedding? This blog is going to be full of winter wedding ideas including top tips from our amazing florist Blue Poppy when it comes to choosing winter flowers and some ideas on décor from our stylish queen Sarah from Ambience Venue Styling.

Winter Colours

With the help of Stevie from i-Light, Kinkell is already filled with a romantic and cosy atmosphere due to the lighting. Filling up the space with some warm hues will make the place feel relaxed and intimate.

Winter Flowers

Our amazing recommended Florist at Kinkell, Cath from Blue Poppy Florist has offered some advice when picking winter flowers:

“There is nothing quite like the romance of winter weddings. Adding colour into your floral designs is the quickest way to add warmth to your venue. Rich, berry tones are perfect or if you lean towards autumnal hues, go for that instead. Both work perfectly with the backdrop of the Kinkell stone. You can include British-grown flowers which include tulips, anemones, ranunculus and narcissi.

If you want to go truly seasonal, stick to foliage-based designs. Luscious swathes of garlands can highlight barn features and drape tables. You can add in seasonal seed heads or grasses for texture and always team with lots of candlelight for that inviting glow…wedding perfection!”



Décor Ideas

Our stylish queen Sarah from Ambience Venue Styling has gave her top tip advice on how to decorate your barn wedding during the winter months!

“Top tip number one – choose the perfect barn venue (Kinkell Byre obviously!).  When thinking about how to style your wedding don’t be tempted to mix up a ‘winter wedding’ with a ‘Christmas wedding’ – they are not the same thing.  You can still bring winter style and elegance to your venue without baubles and tinsel! Barns can be styled to channel an elegant ski chalet vibe in the winter months, and all the fun that goes with après ski”

Paul Placitelli Photography

“When it comes to décor lots of candlelight and fairy lights are a winner, you could consider a fairy light wall as the backdrop to your ceremony.  In terms of colour scheme, you could choose to go all white with accents of cooler colours like silver and pale blue or add pops of jewel colours to go with the season.  Colour can be added into table linens, napkins, even jewel coloured glassware.  Consider using dried fruits and pinecones in table centre arrangements (these can also smell amazing!), and even if you do go for an all-white theme, don’t be afraid of darker accents – even using a small amount of black – monochrome can look amazing in the winter”


Paul Placitelli Photography


During the winter, the sun sets considerably earlier than it does in summer so you want to make the most out of the daylight as you can for photos! We recommend having your ceremony a little earlier, around 1pm- giving you at least 2 & a half hours of daylight for photos before the sun begins to set.

When the sun begins to set, head out the front to our sea view or to our orchard for some stunning ‘golden hour’ photos!

Sea View: Photos By Zoe


Orchard: Victoria Photography


Christmas Trees

At Kinkell, throughout December we have a selection of Christmas trees dotted around the byre. One in the entrance and hanging down ones along the roof of the long shed. These are such a nice add do your winter décor look. You can also add more to the ceremony room or long shed if you wanted too!




A sparkler exit is a must to add to your winter wedding and look amazing out the front of the byre at night time. We can do indoor sparklers in the entrance room in front of the sparkly archway or make your guests line up outside for a sparkler send off!

Emma Lawson Photography


The twin crises of biodiversity loss & climate change

At Kinkell, we are genuinely worried about the impact humanity is having on the natural environment. Around the world, one million animals and plants face extinction. After centuries of intensive farming, construction and industrial expansion, the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in Europe. Forests are in retreat, wilderness has almost disappeared, more than 40m birds have vanished since the 1970s and 15% of all wildlife in the UK is now threatened with extinction. This loss of biodiversity is another ecological crisis, which is less well publicised than climate change, but could be equally as dangerous for humanity.

What can we do to help repair the natural environment?

By rewilding Kinkell, we believe that we can help tackle the twin environmental crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.

We are blessed at Kinkell with a stunning natural environment and expansive views overlooking St Andrews and the Bay. However, like much of Fife, wildlife has been pushed back by the spread of intensive farming. Historically, Kinkell was a small arable and livestock farm. Although we branched out into the weddings and events business back in 2003, we have retained around 100 acres of land, including 70 acres of grass fields and 30 acres of cliffs, which are designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

By rewilding the land at Kinkell, turning it back over to nature and allowing natural processes to take hold again, we can help reverse the loss of biodiversity, encouraging the return of native plants, insects, bees, birds and larger animals. At the same time, an increase in plantlife will also sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

To press forward with this plan as quickly as possible, we are giving nature a wee bit of a helping hand.

Firstly, we have started a new policy of conservation grazing, using native cows and other large herbivores to graze and manage the land in the way that nature intended. As part of this plan we have, for now, reduced our head of cattle from 12 Aberdeen Angus to 2 Highlanders and we plan to add Highland Ponies and maybe pigs in the future to diversify the styles of grazing.


Our new resident Highland Coos at Kinkell

Secondly, we have mowed and bailed the existing grasslands to reduce the nutrient load in the soil and plan to sow yellow rattle seeds to further reduce this load. This will help a greater diversity of plants to compete with the grass that dominates the land as a result of decades of heavy-fertilisation.


Cutting and baling grass to reduce nutrients in the soil

Thirdly, last winter we started planting native hedgerows and trees on a small scale. This winter we will be planting about 11 acres of native woodland, hedgerows, orchards and wildflowers which will sequester more than 1500 tonnes of carbon over the next 100 years, equivalent to the annual emissions of 750 petrol cars. In coming months we will also create wetland areas, ponds and scrapes, again to attract a greater diversity of wildlife to the area.


Native hedgerow planting at Kinkell

Fourthly, we have joined the Northwoods Rewilding Network, which is part of Scotland the Big Picture (SBP). If you would like to learn more about rewilding, their website is a great place to start. Through SBP we are offering Weddings for the Wild and we hope we can make our weddings more sustainable – you can read more on our blog, how to have an eco-wedding.

Although we are just one small project, we hope that by demonstrating the impact and abundance that can result from rewilding, we will persuade other landowners in the area to turn over some of their land to rewilding. In time, this will hopefully help to rebuild a connected network of rewilded land across Scotland.

As Scotland the Big Picture puts it…

Imagine a country where wild forests teem with life…
where rivers brimming with salmon and trout flow freely…
where wetlands are shaped by beavers and echo to the calls of cranes…
where healthy peatlands regulate carbon and purify water…
where oceans support an abundance of life…
where communities are flourishing in a vibrant nature-based economy.
Now imagine that country is Scotland.

Now Available to hire directly from Kinkell Byre

Tables, Chairs and Chesterfield Sofas now available to hire directly from Kinkell Byre. 

At Kinkell we have always been first and foremost a hire venue but we are now looking to offer more support to couples getting married in the Byre. As a result we have made a few changes to the business so that we are now offering more of a service rather than a simple hire. This includes our support before, during and after your event.

Making it easier for you 

So that we can offer the best possible value to our couples and ensure that our events run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we have decided to offer wedding furniture for hire. We believe that this will make it easier and more convenient to organise weddings at Kinkell while we remain committed to always giving our couples the freedom to choose whatever they want from any suppliers. We are also looking to expand the range of furniture that will be available at Kinkell, adding some extra attractive options, such as wooden cross back chairs and Chesterfield sofas, which we think will really paint the Byre in the best light possible.

Due to the relatively short lifespan and maintenance requirements of cater hire equipment, we will need to charge for the hire of furniture, but we can do this at extra low prices with no deposits and no handling charges, which we think offers amazing value to our customers. 

You can hire…

Chesterfield Sofas – A timeless classic handcrafted in the UK, three-seater Chesterfield sofa in brown leather. With its double-buttoned front border, hand-tacked studding and individual seat cushions, this is more than just a place to sit for your guests it will contribute to the decor of the bar area and compliments the rustic surrounding.

Overall Dimensions: Width 189 cm, Height 67 cm, Depth 92 cm and we have 6 available to hire. 

Chivari Chairs – This is the most popular choice of chairs for the meal and ceremony here at Kinkell Byre and most barn wedding venues.  A wooden lime wash chair with ivory seat pad. 
Coloured seat pad covers are available to hire from Gordon’s Cater Hire if you wish for them to tie in with your theme and colours. 

Wooden Cross Back Chairs – Give the venue a warm rustic feel with the new solid oak cross back chair. Comfortable and sturdy as well as looking very stylish. Luxury linen tie on seat pads are also available to hire to add extra comfort for your guests.  

Round Tables – These are standard folding banqueting tables and we will have two sizes available, 5 foot which will seat 8 people per table or 6 foot which will seat 10 people.
Our Round tables do require linen and this can be hired from most caterers and a large selection of coloured linen can be hired from Gordon’s Cater Hire or 88 Events.

Rectangular Tables – Wooden folding banqueting table which are available in two sizes; 6 foot by 3 foot and 6 foot by 2.6 foot.
The 6 foot by 3 foot are the perfect size for long dining tables. Up to 6 people can fit at this table and there is plenty room in the centre of the table for décor or sharing platters.
The 6 foot by 2.6 foot are narrower which is perfect for a traditional top table, drinks reception tables or gift/decorative tables.

How to book 

To book furniture directly from Kinkell Byre simply email us and we will add it to your booking. There is no deposit required and changes can be made to your order up to 4 weeks before when payment will be due. 

For prices, availability or if you have any questions please just email , we are always happy to help.

Everything you need to know about wedding decor at Kinkell Byre

There is a lot of advice out there when it comes to wedding decor and a huge array of suppliers offering their services, to help make sure you get it right. However, when it comes to a barn wedding venue like Kinkell Byre, there really isn’t much information out there to help you. Our barn is a beautiful rustic old building, creating a perfect backdrop that allows each couple to design a wedding around their personal tastes. We understand it can be a little daunting knowing exactly how to achieve the look that you want and with this in mind we have asked the professionals (who have worked at Kinkell Byre) what their advice is, and what services that they can offer a couple getting married at Kinkell Byre.

Just Vintage Hire

Elaine: 07736806799   |   Hello@justvintagehire.com   |   justvintagehire.com

Just Vintage Hire provides a prop hire and styling service. I would describe the style as alternative with a mixture of rustic, vintage, boho and industrial props. Couples can choose to just hire props by visiting the website or making an appointment to view at Just Vintage Hire HQ. Alternatively, I offer 2 styling packages to help couples bring their styling vision to life or just lend a helping hand and take some of their stress away.

I would really love a Kinkell Byre couple to hire my Peacock chairs to create a full on boho seating or chill out area. Used with rugs, tables, lanterns and floor cushions it would definitely make a real statement as well as being somewhere nice to relax. I love the Kinkell Byre tractor area, because well who doesn’t want a tractor at their wedding? It makes a great background for seating areas, photo stations and games zones.

My favourite source for wedding decor inspiration has to be Instagram, I follow some fantastic pages like @barnweddings, @junebugweddings and @greenweddingshoes. There is a constant stream of new ideas and lovely images to be inspired by.

My advice for Kinkell Byre couples is don’t be afraid to be different and if you think something is a great idea then just go for it. I am always up for helping couples create something special that is just them. Kinkell Byre is a gorgeous backdrop and blank space to let your imagination run wild!

The Little White Cow

Kate and Jean 07734063755 | hello@thelittlewhitecow.co.uk   |   www.thelittlewhitecow.co.uk 

At The Little White Cow we make DIY venues a little less naked and a little more you. We can take a space like Kinkell and make it yours with our props, finishing touching and styling skills. It’s not about traditions, trends or what others think – we’ll listen to you and help bring to life that little inkling, dreamy notion or vibe that you’ve been holding onto. It’s important and we get it.

Our large selection of chesterfield sofas look epic in the long room, turning the bar into a lounging space, and our selection of archways means that each ceremony can be completely different.

Our fave part of Kinkell Byre is personalising the entrance way so that your guests get a feel for the day, and your personalities, as soon as they enter!

Our favourite source for inspiration is your pinterest boards! We love to see what our couples are pinning, we are less trend led and more interested in what it is YOU like and makes sense for YOUR day.

Our advice to Kinkell byre couples is, take a deep breath. And call us.

Carnival Chaos

Mary Cameron: 0131 554 4422   |   mary@carnivalchaos.com   |   www.carnivalchaos.com

Carnival Chaos are a leading event design and production company. We are a creative team of designers, scenic artists and florists dedicated to transforming venues such as Kinkell Byre into striking and unique environments for our clients. Creativity is key, and with our own dedicated studio and workshop  in Edinburgh, there’s no limit to the creativity we can bring to your wedding or event. Initially we suggest meeting at our studio or are equally happy escaping to Kinkell Byre, whichever suits you best – it’s a starting point so we get to know you and a chance to discuss the design inspirations.

What we have that we thing looks amazing at Kinkell Byre is a forest of trees specially grown for weddings and events. All the greenery we use is composted; we really make the world go round!

We love to dress everything at Kinkell Byre including all the nooks and crannies, both inside and out but sadly we can’t dress the sea! If we really have to choose it would be the main dining and dancing area, we like the scale of this space and the elevation leading the guests into it.

Where do we find inspiration? – An abundance of nature and a touch of bling – we love trees, trees, trees, flowers and plants mixed with a giant whirling mirror ball.

Our advice to Kinkell couples is every season is lovely so don’t necessarily be driven by a summer wedding – spring, autumn and winter are equally special with the added rustic cosiness of Kinkell Byre.

SuperNova Wedding Design & Flowers

0845 2692189  | enquiries@supernovaweddingdesign.co.uk  |  www.supernovaweddingdesign.co.uk

As Kinkell’s recommended supplier, they have kindly done some of the hard work for you in finding a creative supplier you can trust. SuperNova are award winning venue stylists, wedding florists and wedding planners who have a huge in house hire section, over a decade of experience and a talented and dedicated team. We offer a wide range of luxury linens, chiavari and occasional chairs in Gold, Silver, Mahogany, lime-wash, Black and Perspex, 7 different types of candelabras, various flower vessels for every type of display, cherry blossom trees plus charger plates and table top decor ranges. We have a range of free standing draping kit and arches, décor accessories and props so hold stock of just about every decor item you could wish for!

Our award winning in house florist team create stunning bridal party flowers, ceremony flowers and reception flowers from bouquets, to floral arches to table top to hanging installations and have over a decade of knowledge to guide you to get the most out of your chosen budget.

We work in two ways, you can pick and hire the items you wish and we come and set them up for you on the day of your wedding or we can design the look of your entire day with you. We have an initial consultation over the phone then start putting together ideas and options for you to come see at our studio or by email/skype if that suits you better. We work closely with our couples to ensure they feel supported throughout their planning with us and are flexible to changes along the way.

We hold a huge variety of styles to personalise your wedding day. Our cherry blossom trees are stunning in Kinkell and we can create any beautiful florals to suit your chosen wedding day, there are so many places for these to go.

What is your favourite part of Kinkell Byre to dress? – It all! We love creating an entrance to excite your guests as soon as they arrive. The ceremony room with all those fairy lights is just so romantic!

Our inspiration comes from our team, we have weekly brainstorming meetings and play days at our studio to find new creations and styles and we look ahead to new fashion trends for inspiration.

Our advice for is; as much as it’s not fun, creating a wedding budget is really important, it ensures you are matched with products and suppliers accordingly as they’ll work to get the most out of this for you once they know what this is. For your decor, flowers and styling decide on your must have items first then you can always add other items on but it’ll help you stay focus on what you both agree are important features and elements on your day.

Go2 Event Hire

I Love Letters & Vintage Fairground Games
07803 082691   |   info@go2eventhire.com   |   www.go2eventhire.com

Here at GO2 Event Hire we provide various items to enhance your chosen look or theme. You can choose from our I LOVE LETTERS 5ft Light Up Alphabet. Entertain your guests with Vintage & Retro Games from our JUST FOR FUN range or add the little details form our PROP ME UP items. All of our items are Delivered and Installed at Kinkell Byre by our own team to insure they are positioned correctly and are of the best quality. We can also arrange to set up the display prior to your wedding. This allows you the chance to see your items in place before the big day!

We have a large stock of items that can help create Kinkell Byre into a wondrous venue. Our lighting ranges suit the rustic charm of the stonework walls and add that something personal to the already outstanding lighting features at Kinkell. The Dance floor is a great space to let your guests know what your day is all about! You can light it up with 5ft letters DANCE?, PARTY?, your INITIALS? or even your new SURNAME? ‘ St Andrews ‘ is also the home of golf! Why not entertain your guests with our mini-golf holes? These can be set up in the Bar area to enjoy through out the day!

It’s hard to choose a favourite part of Kinkell to dress, because its all great! The high ceilings and open space of the main area always create a warm feeling of ‘ wow, how amazing does this look! ‘ when its time for you guests to arrive. If pushed, we would say that having lighting set against the brickwork and barrels would be our favourite!

We always look at what inspires us to do what we do! Our workshop is always coming up with new ideas on what would look great & different! We strive to create items that compliment each other together or sit as a single piece that no-one else has seen before. Whether it be a fully restored 5ft Light up Star from a old fairground ride or a new hand made light box for your wedding schedule? We love looking around antique fairs, craft fairs, reclamation yards and sourcing items that we can give a second life to, especially if it involves a few days in the workshop!

Our advice –  Enjoy the great space on offer! One of the charms of Kinkell Byre is that there are no set rules to go by! You can make the main entrance a wonder of light & foliage to welcome your guests or let the rustic walls & natural light do the talking! We would always recommend trying to create a story or theme and let your guests find out a little bit at a time.

Through the Looking Glass Events Scotland Ltd

07732068696  |  Bridget@throughthelookingglass-events.com  |  throughthelookingglass-events.com

We are an East Neuk based Prop hire and styling company. We specialise in organic, rustic and boho style events. We love to decorate barns, tents, outdoor spaces and interesting places. Every wedding is bespoke. We work with you to design your perfect day. We offer options for all budgets and requirements from diy “dry hire” of our props up to a full design styling and setup service. We can make bespoke props and source most things. Contact us by email bridget@throughthelookingglass-events.com or you can find us on instagram and facebook too @throughthelookingglass. We will call you back to discuss your requirements. We often share a pinterest board with you too so we can really get to know your style!

Our straw bales are the ideal rustic seating option for Kinkell Byre. We can even make them into huge comfy sofas complete with cosy wool blankets and tweed cushions!

Our favourite space is the ceremony area at the back of the main barn, it has a very special feel. When the fairy lights are on and the alter space and aisle are dressed it becomes a really magical space. We love an organic foliage and flower backdrop! Saying that the “chill out” areas and bar areas are always great to dress as they are about comfort and lots of fun while of course looking good too!

Nature and the beautiful landscape of the East coast is definitely where we find inspiration. We are so lucky to live in such a special part of Scotland. We source as many of our materials locally as we can including our flowers which come from local growers, our wooden tree rounds cut from local estates and our straw bales from local farms.

Advice to couples, don’t underestimate the time it takes to dress a big barn venue like Kinkell Byre. If you opt to go for the DIY option and simply hire your decor then remember to book in lots of helpers and give yourself time. It’s totally achievable with a trusty team of hardworking friends and family and a useful option if your budget is tight. Alternatively take the pressure off and go for the styling and set up option with your prop hire supplier. You wont lose any control over the styling yet you will have time to enjoy the day before you wedding, catch up with family and pamper yourself before the big day!

Virginias Vintage Hire Scotland 

Nicky 07791 07554  |  nicky@virginiasvintagehire.co.uk   |   www.virginiasvintagehire.co.uk

Providers of rustic, authentic vintage furniture for dining and lounge areas.

We supply gigantes wooden trestle tables with our vintage chairs often to Kinkell Byre and these look great in the main dining area.

Our advice – Get your tables and chairs booked early and easily with VVH Scotland so you can tick this job off your list.

Lighting – i – light

Stephen Leslie07967 581784  |  stephen@i-light.co.uk   |   www.i-light.co.uk

i-light stands for Individual Lighting Production and that is exactly what Stephen and his guys offer. A bespoke lighting package to make each event at Kinkell unique.

i-light do not just provide decorative lighting which makes the barn look pretty, they provide a full production service along with lighting which works well for ALL your suppliers and plans. This allows your wedding to be the highest possible standard and run like clockwork.

i-light is our preferred lighting supplier and this is because we know it works, we know the service that is offered by this supplier is exceptional and great value for money.

Kinkell’s Advice

We have 15 years experience hosting events at Kinkell Byre and we have seen a lot and learned a lot in that time. Our advice is talk to us and discuss your plans with us so we can provide you with the best guidance possible without getting too involved. 

A brief guide based on our experiences with caterers at our barn wedding venue

Choosing a caterer will be one of your most important tasks when organising a barn wedding.

A good caterer will work with you to create the perfect schedule for your wedding day and for the majority of the day, they will manage that schedule and make sure things go to plan.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing a caterer for your barn wedding?

Firstly, you need to think about what type of food you would like. There are so many options out there, so think long and hard, as a couple, about what type of food you and you’re guests would enjoy. If you are not sure, a good caterer will be able to advise based on your tastes.

Secondly, you need to have a rough idea of what your budget is (per head). Caterers, just like restaurants, can vary hugely in price.

Thirdly, a barn wedding is different to a standard hotel wedding. You need a caterer who understands this and can work just as well, if not better, within a barn setting.

What types of Caterers do we work with here at Kinkell Byre?

The All-in-One caterer – This is a very popular type of caterer and one that we see most often here at Kinkell. ‘All in one’ essentially means they take care of it all for you – they have their own cater hire, décor, staff, and front of house coordinator. They also set up everything for you, take care of all the catering during your day and stay until the end to clear up. This option is a low hassle option for couples, especially if you are planning your wedding at a distance from the venue. They also often work out to be the cheaper option as they sometimes offer reduced rates on cater hire.

Catering & Service – This type of caterer will work closely with you to choose the perfect menu and timings for your wedding. They will arrive on the day of the wedding with staff and deal with all the catering side of your event. The responsibility to organise cater hire and set up tables tends to be left with you but most Catering & Service caterers will help you with this. You may need to organise suppliers to break down the furniture and contribute towards clearing up the venue at the end of your wedding.

Street Food – Food vans or stalls can be located on-site and serve up their speciality food to you and your guests. This is a lovely, fun and relaxed option but street food caterers can vary a lot in terms of what’s included so make sure you understand the package on offer.

All options are fantastic in their own right and they allow you to choose exactly what you want for your wedding day.

I have asked all of our recommended caterers “What does your company offer a Kinkell Byre couple?” and you can read through their replies below.


Scotts Catering Services
Scott’s Catering Services, is run by chefs & good friends Scott Dougall & George Scott. Between them, they have over 44 years of the hospitality experience. Scott’s provides the highest level of food production, menus, service & event management for all events, no matter the size. We have a wide range of menu’s to suit all types of events and numbers. Alternatively we are more than happy to work with our clients and develop a menu to suit their needs, events & budgets. We only use the best fresh quality produce from local businesses and suppliers, supplying only Scottish produce when possible. From this we can promise exciting & freshly prepared menu’s to satisfy you and your guests. Scott’s is pretty much a one-stop shop with a great selection of Hiring Products from Sofa’s, tables, and Rustic furniture, Crockery, Cutlery, all you will need to create your event at Kinkell Byre.

Scott’s new menu option, which is only available Kinkell Byre, is a Street Food Court.

Gourlay Events
The Gourlay business started as a family butcher in 1946 based in the Perthshire town of Crieff. In 2009 the family business expanded to launch an external catering service for weddings and other events. This venture has been very successful and becomes one of the foremost catering businesses in Scotland.

We can deal with the table setup including tablecloths, crockery, cutlery and the provision of glasses. We also provide a fully operational portable kitchen for cooking your menu onsite. We aim to help you enjoy the wedding day by ensuring all arrangements for the catering behind the scenes are managed in a professional manner and your guests are well cared for.

Patrick Gilmour Event Catering
Patrick will plan and undertake your event catering personally. With 18 years experience as a chef and caterer, the menu is always at the heart of the planning, and each and every event he undertakes will be tailored to the client’s personal tastes and favourite flavours, to suit all budgets.

Lazy Sunday
Lazy Sunday is the relaxed approach to how food should look, adventurous,  generous and happy, colourful and tasty. Perfect for feasting with family and friends, created with joy and smiles.

St Andrews Event Catering
We cater at Kinkell throughout the year and have done so for the last 15 years. Every event is different and totally unique to each client – which the venue lends itself to. We do everything from formal dining and casual sharing to street food style, grazing and many more. If the client has a food idea we will implement this for them. We have been told we are very calm and discreet caterers. We pride ourselves in being so much more than caterers as the same team look after our clients from first contact until the end of their event.

Big Bite Catering
A personal catering company striving to exceed your expectations.

Bespoke Catering & Events
Bespoke Catering & Events is a well-established and highly respected catering and events company based in Stirling.
The Bespoke team is filled with some of the most creative and experienced professionals in the industry, bringing with them a wealth of experience in high-end catering, event styling and event management.
Our approach to menu planning for our couples means that we get to work with a huge variety of styles of cuisine and presentation, we feel this makes us an ideal choice for a venue like Kinkell, where you have free-reign in creating any style of wedding that you wish. Our chefs all have very diverse backgrounds and have trained all over the world.  This comes in very handy when we are asked to recreate some far-flung dish that one of our couples has tried while travelling. We are also increasingly being asked to cater for fully vegan or gluten free menus and we really enjoy rising to these new challenges.We truly believe that each wedding should be unique to the couple who are tying the knot – in fact, we are yet to do the exact same menu twice for any of our weddings to date!

Wilde Thyme
At Wilde Thyme we create menus which are individual to each client and their event. Whether we
are producing a canapé menu for a drinks reception, an intimate dinner party menu, a wedding
breakfast or a corporate dinner for VIP guests, we always work closely with the client to produce a
menu that reflects their food preferences. We only use highly reputable local Scottish suppliers and
growers, and we have over the years put great emphasis on using those suppliers who can give us
provenance of our food. When you decide on Kinkell as your venue we will work together to ensure
that your day goes seamlessly, we jump into your vision and are with you every step of the way to
ensure your friends and family will always remember your special day.

En Croute
En Croute Catering ltd is an award-winning caterer with 25 years’ experience in the wedding industry. Our talented and progressive chefs, together with our fantastic front-of-house teams, will ensure your day is as memorable as you have always dreamt it would be. We will work with you to create a bespoke menu, which perfectly reflects your tastes and aspirations.

Ginger Snap
The ethos of Ginger Snap is to create seasonal food that tastes and looks spectacular, with an innovative, flawless approach to service. Whatever the occasion Ginger Snap can provide you with everything from event management, to food styling, bringing you an unforgettable experience, with memories to savour.
Ginger Snap doesn’t do ‘packages’, we think each client deserves more and is special to us.
We use our extensive experience, ties with local suppliers, to create unique, faultless events, which work for you.
Our top-notch chefs are passionate, driven and experienced, allowing them to push the boundaries of traditional British cuisine to create delicious, seasonal and exciting food inspired by the beauty and diversity of Scotland’s landscape.
Our innovative, symbiotic approach to food and service is really starting to turn heads in Scotland.

King Boar
King Boar Catering are recognised as a premier Spit Roast Specialist, however we offer so much more than the Boar!!
With a wide range of services available from Canapés, Wedding Breakfasts, BBQ’s, Buffets and Spit Roast’s, we will adapt to any occasion and our menus are tailored to you, not to us.
Using local suppliers and seasonal produce, we are passionate about quality ingredients and traceability.
Along with our delicious food, we provide crockery, cutlery and glassware hire and we have all the catering equipment needed to create a kitchen at Kinkell!
Our friendly team of waiting staff are there to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger, so you can sit back and enjoy your event.
We can also help to arrange any additional services that we are unable to offer through our trusted partners.


Street Food is a big trend at the moment so we have put together a list of some great street food suppliers and some info on how to make street food work for your event.

A lot of street food providers do not necessarily provide staff and therefore it is important to ensure the smooth running of your event that there will be sufficient staff available to take care of serving and clearing of food, wine & water.  This may also need to include setting tables and clearing at the end of the night.

Wild Rover
We would love to bring seasonal, scrumptious, sustainable food to your wedding at Kinkell Byre.
Our focus is on sourcing the best quality ingredients from our farmer friends and artisan suppliers and cooking your food fresh on the day with a touch of theatre to boot! With our quirky Land Rover Gracie and our ex-army Field Kitchen, we bring more to your day than scrumptious food. There is something inherently fun about the break out into canapés which are made, cooked on our Field Kitchen and served straight to your friends with a bit of character. Ultimately, we aim to encourage a relaxed, communal approach to eating and an experience you will be talking about long after bellies are filled!

The Crepe Shack
At The Crepe Shack we provide freshly made to order authentic French crepes with a Scottish twist. We offer a personalized service to please every palate with a wide range of sweet and savoury toppings.
If you are looking for something different, convivial and of high quality with “ce je ne sais quoi”, look no further and get in touch with us!

Wild Fire Pizza
Wild Fire Pizza Serves freshly made pizzas from a beautifully converted horsebox. It’s the perfect addition to your wedding day. Ideally suited for your evening buffet or as an addition to a festival style wedding breakfast. We have a range of pizza packages for you to choose from, all to fit your tastes and budget.

The Cheesy Toast Shack
The Cheesy Toast Shack is the perfect accompaniment to any wedding.  They come in at a time of your choice, and serve a selection gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to your guests.  Setting up in their purpose built popup, it perfectly compliments the aesthetic of Kinkell Byre, with its rustic and raw materials, yet still maintaining the street food element that is ever so popular at the moment.  These guys offer thick, generously filled toasties, made with locally and ethically sourced ingredients, which will leave your guests talking about them even after the wedding.

Screaming Peacock
Screaming Peacock is a unique and quirky catering company offering the highest quality Gourmet Venison & Pheasant Burgers at events all around Scotland. They bring charm and class whilst serving up top of the range burgers hand-made in Fife using the best Scottish Game, right from their statement Peacock-clad food truck.

Highland Spit Roasts
Highland Spit Roasts has been providing FABULOUS spit roasts since 1989.
We specialise in producing crispy golden crackling and moist tender meat from locally bred pigs.
We are famous for our crackling and were chosen to provide the roast for Prince William and Kate on their recent visit to Strathearn – the crackling definitely met with royal approval!
Our roasts are cooked on a spit which turns, letting the juices run through the meat and keeping it tender and moist – ( the knights of old knew a thing or two about roasting meat!).
We can carve either straight off the roast or onto platters for table service.
The roaster is designed to work indoors so guests can admire the roast turning and then – see it lifted up above the roaster, sizzling and delicious, ready for carving – Great theatre!

Fish & Frites
Fish & Frites Anstruther is a Citroen HY Van sure to wow your guests. We serve the freshest local food from the East Neuk of Fife and pride ourselves on being unique.

and Finally…

All of the above caterers have at some point worked at Kinkell Byre and we can confidently recommend them for your event at Kinkell Byre. With over 14 years of experience working alongside many caterers we have got to know many of them very well. However, Just because a caterer is not on our recommended suppliers list, it doesn’t mean they are not great at what they do, we just might not have worked with them enough to add them to our list.

Sandy and Sam are always here to offer their advice, knowledge and experience so do not hesitate to get in touch with any of your catering queries and they will do their best to point you in the right direction.