Real Wedding – Rachael & Cameron Mitchell – 30th July 2021

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting this lovely couples wedding on July 30th. They beautifully decorated the venue with their own decor, including collecting gin bottles for 2 years!! The day was full of sunshine and laughs and they have kindly shared a few details about their day for us

How did you guys meet?

We first met at high school as friends. So we have known each other since 2007.

What first attracted you to Kinkell Byre? And what made you decide that it would be perfect for your special day?

My sister had recommended it after being at another wedding there. We knew it was perfect after the first viewing!

Tell us a little bit about planning your wedding? What inspired you to pick all the things that you did and what was most important to you both?

We knew we wanted something simple, rustic and relaxing, which is exactly what the day was. It was so important for us to have time to talk to our friends and family and we definitely managed that.

What did you both enjoy planning?

It was fun to put together our vows and be able to share our story with all our loved ones. Cammy enjoyed writing his speech and it was worth all the time spent on it!

What made it so special?

Spending time with everyone altogether after waiting for such a long time.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Our favourite part was the ceremony, it felt so intimate even with so many guests. Our registrar made it so personal and relaxed.

What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding?

Remember that everyone will have an amazing day so don’t stress about tiny details.

How is married life treating you?

Good! It is very busy now we are back to work but it still feels special being able to say ‘Wife’ and ‘Husband’.