Recommended Suppliers – Pantry Events

Pantry Events have worked at Kinkell a number of times and are now one of our recommended caterers! They offer bespoke menus for couples so you can really put your own stamp on your wedding catering! We asked them a few questions so you can get to know them better…

Story Behind Pantry Events?

Pantry Events is a creative catering and events company based in Edinburgh. Established 10 years ago  by husband and wife team Charlotte and Chris Thompson to deliver high quality catering for the  wedding and corporate markets. Born through a passion for good food, Pantry Events has gone from  catering small events out of a converted horse box to becoming one of Scotlands top event caterers and  the official caterer for the Edinburgh International Festival.

What services do you offer couples? 

At Pantry Events, we’ve got your wedding covered from start to finish! We love bringing joy to your  special day, and that includes creating bespoke menus that reflect your personal style perfectly.  Whether you’re dreaming of a sit-down feast, or relaxed family style dinning, we will work with you to  make sure it reflects your vision for your special day! From mouthwatering canapés to show-stopping  main courses and delicious desserts, our menus are crafted with love and packed with flavours that will  leave everyone wanting more.

What would you say is your style? 

We approach wedding catering with a genuine passion and a commitment to creating a relaxed and  informal atmosphere. We believe that weddings should be joyful celebrations, where guests can savour  delicious food. Our focus is on staying in tune with the latest culinary trends while infusing our menus  with creative flair. We take pride in crafting unique flavour combinations and presenting dishes in  innovative ways, ensuring a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. Using locally sourced  seasonal ingredients is a cornerstone of our approach, as it allows us to capture the freshest and most  vibrant flavours. Our goal is to create a catering experience that perfectly complements the unique  vision and ambiance of each event.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Our inspiration for wedding catering is driven by our team of passionate food enthusiasts who play a  pivotal role in shaping the direction of the company. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of  culinary trends, constantly exploring new flavours, innovative techniques, and imaginative  presentations. By immersing ourselves in industry trends, we stay connected with the ever-evolving  culinary landscape. This continuous exploration and our shared love for food fuel our creativity and  keep us ahead of the curve. 

Sustainability is also a core value that drives our inspiration. We prioritise making responsible choices  and supporting local suppliers who share our commitment to the environment. This conscious approach  enables us to serve incredible food while leaving a positive impact on our planet.

Furthermore we find immense joy in embracing the rich flavours that nature offers during specific  times of the year. By harnessing the freshness and vibrancy of seasonal ingredients, our goal is to create  dishes that leave a lasting impression and take guests on a flavourful journey from field to plate. 

Pantry Events draws inspiration from seasonality, our commitment to sustainability, and the culinary  expertise of our team. We strive to create wedding catering experiences that are not only special but  also environmentally conscious. With each dish we craft, our aim is to delight and surpass the  expectations of couples and their guests, ensuring an unforgettable and truly memorable celebration.

Why do you like working at Kinkell Byre? 

Working at Kinkell Byre is an absolute dream! The venue’s jaw-dropping views add a touch of magic to  every event, creating an enchanting atmosphere that leaves everyone in awe. The space itself is simply  stunning, seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern elegance. And let’s not forget the fantastic  kitchen facilities that make our job a breeze! 

What really sets Kinkell Byre apart is their flexibility—speaking from the perspective of a wedding  guest, each time we have been to Kinkell Byre has been fantastic, there is alway enough space for every  guest to enjoy the evening how they see fit, whether it’s relaxing on the sofas, or recovering from the  dance floor in the long shed, every space always looks so inviting. In a nutshell, working at Kinkell Byre  means being surrounded by breathtaking beauty, enjoying a gorgeous space, and having the freedom to  make each wedding a truly unforgettable affair.

Any personal advice you would give couples when it comes to booking their  caterer? 

When it comes to booking your wedding caterer, we have a couple of personal tips to ensure a seamless  experience. Provide your potential caterers with as much information as possible about your vision,  preferences, and dietary requirements. This allows them to create a tailored menu that perfectly  matches your unique tastes and style. At Pantry Events, we place a strong emphasis on transparency  and providing couples with a stress-free experience. Make sure to check for any hidden costs when  looking at quotes. When it comes to costings, our goal is to be crystal clear and upfront, ensuring that  there are no surprises or hidden costs along the way. We understand that planning a wedding involves  careful budgeting, and we want to alleviate any concerns by providing a detailed quote that accurately  reflects the services and offerings you desire.

How do couples get in touch with you and what is your process? 

Getting in touch with Pantry Events is easy and convenient. You can visit our website at to explore our services, browse through our images, and gather inspiration for  your wedding or special event. If you have specific questions or would like to discuss your requirements  in detail, you can reach out to us directly through the contact form on our website. We’re also active on  Instagram, so be sure to check out our page @pantryevents for a glimpse at our dishes and behind-the-

scenes moments. If you prefer to speak with us directly, feel free to give us a call at 0131 608 4764. Our  friendly team are ready to assist you and provide all the information you need to start planning an  unforgettable catering experience!