Frequently Asked Questions

The great thing about having a barn wedding is the freedom to do what you want with the place. Minimal restrictions on what suppliers you use and that freedom to make it your own. However, we do get asked a lot of questions due to it being so DIY. We have decided to answer a few for you in this blog.

Are dogs allowed?

Absolutely. We are a dog friendly venue, some couples have even had their dogs as ushers! Our Tara always loves meeting new friends.

What happens with clear up at end of the night & is there a charge?

No, cleaning comes under the venue price. At the end of the night we will clear all your things to one side of the venue or even pack it up in a van or car so that it is much easier for you coming in the next day. You can leave anything you don’t want to take away and we will get rid of it for you.

If I do not have a set up day, what happens on the day?

Our summer months tend to be jam packed with Saturday and Sunday weddings (sometimes more that week) which means that the Sunday wedding will have no set up day, this is where an ‘on the day set up’ happens. Between the venue, caterers and other suppliers the venue can be turned around in good time.

We clear and clean the venue overnight packing all of the Saturday’s couples belongings into storage. Although we say that access to the venue is from 10am, what in practice happens is that we let your caterer and other suppliers access to the venue from 8am to start decorating and set up tables. Stephen, from i-Light, will ensure that all the lighting changes are done in time.

If you do have any decorations, centre pieces or favours to go on tables you can give these in boxes to either anyone from the venue, the caterers, florist or a team of friends who are willing to come in that morning to take care of things like that. We are more than happy to help with anything, so you can even leave us a plan of where things are to be put and we can deal with that.

It is very achievable and like I said, it is something that happens on a regular basis. There are decor companies that can set up any props who can be found on our supplier section under ‘decor styling’.

Is heating included?

Yes. We have gas heaters in every corner and 4 big diesel heaters so the place heats up from 0-15 degrees in 1 hour.

Is there someone there on the day?

Yes, you will have one of our byre assistants there on the set up & the day of your wedding. They will do all the venue co-ordination, look after heating, light candles and be your go-to person on the day. Stephen from i-Light will also be there on the day to offer sound, light & technical support as well as putting guests to their seats and assisting with co-ordination.

Feature Image: Caro Weiss Photography