Real Wedding – Rebecca & Simon Jayawardena – 30th October 2021

Rebecca & Simon originally booked the venue in 2019 for an October 2020 wedding, they were one of the couples who unfortunetly had to postpone their big day due to covid, but finally had the day they deserved on 30th October 2021!

They have let us know a bit about their day and the planning that went into it…

How did you guys meet?

Back in our home town while working behind a bar. 

What first attracted you to Kinkell Byre? And what made you decide that it would be perfect for your special day?

We got SO lucky with Kinkell Byre. We had actually paid a deposit on another venue (which was stunning) but for a couple of reasons felt that it may not be for us. As we were driving away, and slightly panicking, I think my Instagram picked up Kinkell Byre as being a venue near by and it appeared on my news feed. We decided to pull in and have a look. The friendliest lady popped out (Sam) and offered us a viewing there and then – it was fate. We both were star struck with the romance and warmth Kinkell Brye had to offer as a venue. It was truly magical! The star light canopy gave me goosebumps and they were super dog friendly, we just knew that this was the venue for us. 

Tell us a little bit about planning your wedding? What inspired you to pick all the things that you did and what was most important to you both? 

Kinkell made the planning super easy. As a blank canvas we were able to include so many bits that made the day super personal to us. The venue itself is so stunning so we really wanted to show this off, so kept the décor to a minimum by complimenting the venue with stunning flowers by Blue Poppy Florist (she absolutely nailed it).

We wanted to offer a lounge area for guests to be able to chill and chat, so we found ‘By Vintage Gathering’ who created the most amazing cosy fireplace setting with rugs, candles and seating – it looked incredible and was just what we were after. 

On the flip side to this, we wanted to offer some entertainment so we went for a casino that offered a bit of a fun, breakout and rest from the dance floor (inspired from a crazy Las Vegas holiday) 

The main dining area is so magical, beautiful and romantic thanks to Stephens amazing lighting. That again we didn’t need to add much, we loved that the dining area didn’t need to be cleared to allow space for the dance floor, and that the bar was in view of both but slightly away if you wanted to step out but still watch the dancing.  

What did you both enjoy planning? 

All of it was fun because Kinkell Byre allowed us to really put our stamp on the day being a blank canvas venue.

Tell us about your day? 

Our day was the best. I was so worried that I would get the blues and want to relive it all over again but actually everything was so perfect I couldn’t have relived it. It was truly magical (the aurora even came out!) we couldn’t have wished for more – Scotland, rustic barn, situated on beautiful private land overlooking the sea with all our friends and family – best wedding day ever – tick! 

What made it so special? 

Having all our family and friends under the roof of our dream venue, seeing them all having fun was the best feeling. 

What was your favourite part of the day?

Having Leeroy (our Cocker Spaniel) appear as the ring bearer we both loved. Also, the time out to have our photos together with the amazing views Kinkell Byre has to offer was super special. 

What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding? 

Get the table plan done months ahead of time! We thought this would be a fun bit to do so left it until quite late – worst decision of the journey! 

How is married life treating you? 

Married life is good. We would recommend 😉

Supplier Shout Out:

Photographer- Claire Fleck

Band/DJ- DJ Lee Live

Catering- Bespoke Catering 

Cater Hire- Tables from Virginias Vintage Hire

Cake- The Cheesery 

Bar- Event Bars St Andrews

Lighting- i-Light

Florist- Blue Poppy Florist

Decor- By Vintage Gathering

Transport- A1 Coaches

Photobooth- Odd Box